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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP)

ACP is a treatment for a minor skin blemish which is causing concern. It is a safe, comfortable and effective procedure which uses electrolysis. At Eden Beauty Therapy Emma is our fully qualified and very experienced electrolysis. She is able to treat blemishes including facial thread veins, spider naevi, milia and blood spots.

If you are considering ACP we ask you to book a free consultation first. During the consultation Emma can assess your condition and give the appropriate advice. It is also an opportunity for you to raise any worries about the treatments and ask any questions you might have. You may prefer to book a consultation at the same time as one of your regular treatments.

Our charges begin at £45 for up to 15 minutes. Emma will be able to estimate how long you may need during the consultation.

Disorders and Blemishes We Can Treat

Spider Naevus


A central dilated blood vessel with smaller capillaries radiating from it. They can be found in isolation or in clumps on areas like the cheeks.

Blood Spots


Bright red vascular blemishes which lie just under the surface of the skin. They are dome shaped or slightly raised often occurring on the midriff, back or front.

Facial Thread Veins


These are capillaries in your skin with very thin walls, they constantly dilate and constrict.
 As we age these vessels can lose their elasticity and become permanently dilated which is when we notice them. The causes are numerous but include ageing, hereditary, pregnancy, smoking, sports, temperature extremes and exposure to harsh weather.



These tiny white lumps containing keratin can sometimes develop just under the surface of the skin. Their exact cause is unknown.

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